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Activities and Service Providers 

We are excited to show you all of the activities and service providers being offered for our Members in July and August. Please scroll down to see the complete list and click on each image for full details. 

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Welcome Rick Lloyd

BIWA is happy to welcome Rick Lloyd to our team. He will be available to all of our BIWA Members to provide Property Manager or Handy Man services for those odd jobs you need taken care of at your cottage.

He comes to us with over ten years of experience working in the cottage and resort maintenance industry along with five years of equipment maintenance work in Alberta and Manitoba.

Any questions about rates and scheduling please

Rick can be reached at  


Save The Date!

Bottle Shed Reminders

Thank you to everyone who has been utilizing our BIWA Bottle Shed for recycling, this program started last year and we want to keep making it successful. I just wanted to pass along a couple things to keep in mind when dropping items off.

  • ALL bottles must be dropped off in boxes, neatly organized to make removal from the island easier.
  • Only cans can be dropped off in clear recycling bags, all other items (wine bottles, spirit bottles, beer bottles) need to be in boxes
  • If you see the shed is full please alert Keyaira. If the shed is too full to drop off bottles kindly return them to your cottage or deposit them into the BIWA recycling bin next to the shed. Please do not over fill the shed. 
  • Thank you for your participation lets keep Bigwin clean together!

Emergency Contact Information 2017

The Emergency Contact information has been updated for 2017. Please print off the PDF and keep it in a visible spot in your cottage. 

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SS Bigwin Gala

We wish to extend the invitation to our BIWA Members to be part of the annual SS Bigwin Gala hosted on July 8th at Bigwin Island. The organizers have indicated that they will reserve a table for our BIWA property owners if there is an interest in putting a group together! Each table seats 10 people, and we would love if we can get 10 BIWA members to participate in this fun night where proceeds go to local charities on Lake of Bays. 

For more details or to RSVP please email

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Hello to All Barge Users

The barge will be starting operation on Monday May 1st

There are currently half load restrictions in effect till May 31.  Please also be mindful of the island pathways as some areas and the edges are soft. Damage to the pathways is the responsibility of the user.

Please contact Michael on the Barge at 705-349-1492 by voice or text or email at  at least 24 hours in advance to secure you spot on the barge and avoid disappointment or long waits.


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Construction Reminder


For your safety, it is important to stay off the golf course while the bunker renovation is occurring. Also, be mindful that there will be a great deal of traffic and construction activity  on the ring road during this period as well. We ask that you please exercise care and caution when using the paths.

Thank you! 


Garbage & Recycling Protocols


  • Garbage/ Recycling collection is every Tuesday morning from May to November.
  • Only garbage inside your green cottage bin will be collected.
  • Please remember to not overfill your cottage bin or abuse the garbage collection program.
  • A cottage owner can bring their own bags to the garbage bins at the Island runway as long as bags are put in the correct bins and closed after use, also note that this area can be dangerous and you are at your own risk.

Dump Items

  • Construction waste, paint cans, appliances, mattresses, furniture, yard waste, large metal items, tires and barbecues warrant a phone call to Keyaira McQueen at 705-783-0367 so she can arrange to have them be picked up.
  • Dump items will be picked up directly from your cottage, do not put these items at the end of your driveway.
  • These items will warrant a minimum fee of $60.00.


  • A bag should weigh no more than 40lbs.
  • Non-bagged items will not be taken away.
  • Bins should always be closed and bags should never be left outside the bin.
  • Recycling should be kept separate from garbage.
  • Recycling should be separated into two bags, one containing fibers (ie. paper, cardboard, etc.) and the other containing metal, plastic and glass (ie. pop cans, bottles, etc.).
  • Recycling must be put into clear bags to distinguish what is inside
  • Cardboard can be placed in bins without being in a bag, as long as boxes are broken down and bundled
  • Any mess created by having an overfilled bin or an open bin will be cleaned up by the staff and charged to the appropriate cottage at the hourly labour rate.
  • Bags that are not tied tightly, ripped or overfilled will warrant an extra charge of $5.00 dollars.

Bigwin Island Bottle Drop Off Program


We are pleased to be continuing with the initiative for our recycling program. Bigwin has a designated spot to drop off all of your empty beer bottles, cans, spirit bottles, and wine bottles. We want to make it easier for everyone on the island to recycle responsibly as well as stop the hassle of having to cart your empties off the island on your own. 

There is now an area on the runway where you can drop off your empties, but also cottagers can leave their empties in their garbage bins to be collected by our staff on Garbage Day each Tuesday. 

Here are a couple of tips to make this process run smoothly for everyone:

  • Beer Bottles - should be sorted by colour and placed back into their original packaging
  • Wine or Spirit Bottles - should be sorted by colour and placed into a box or clear blue recycling bag
  • Aluminum Cans - should be sorted separately from all other containers and placed in their original packaging or a clear blue recycling bag
  • Plastic Bottles & Tetra Packs - should be sorted separately from all other items and placed into a clear blue recycling bag

Spring Cart Service


Tom Williams will be pulling the carts out of storage starting next week and we will let you know if we see anything he think needs to be addressed.  If you have any questions or know of anything that needs to be done with your cart please contact: Tom at 705-783-9669 or


We love getting constructive feedback from our members! Please click the link below to let us hear from you.  

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