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BIWA Update Oct 18

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Memories of another great Summer!


  • Garbage pick-up will continue on Tuesdays and run until October 25th. After that you may still use the dumpsters on the runway for garbage disposal 
  • Have any odd jobs you want done this fall? Contact Mark Butler with requests at 519-333-7735

Cart Winterizing

It is that time of year again! Cart winterizing is an important part of cart maintenance, this year we will not be storing any carts at the clubhouse or in the back shop. We need to keep this area organized and clear of carts during the off season. Therefore we are offering cart protection covers with winterizing, so you can park your cart at the cottage and have it ready to go come spring time. The cost for a 4 seater with cover and winterizing is $200 XRT is $270 and a regular golf cart is $150. Please contact Tom if you are interested in having this service done, he will be on the island until November 4th.

He can be reached at:  or 705-783-9669

Shuttle Service After Hours

Now that the golf course has closed for the season, it is important to please call ahead to Jim Baumken if you know your arrival time (especially when arriving at night) to the island. It helps our staff to be prepared for your arrival to ensure optimal service. 
Jim can be reached at: 705-783-1659

Shuttle Hours
Saturday to Thursday - 7 AM to 5 PM
Friday - 7 AM to 9 PM


BIWA Personal Barge Trip

To help facilitate your fall / winter transition at the cottage, we would like to provide our BIWA cottagers a special service on the barge this fall, once the golf course is closed.  We are pleased to offer one complementary round trip on the barge, with your personal vehicle.  This will allow you to more easily stock up for the winter or transfer personal items back to your home for the winter. 

It is important that you book this ahead of time with Michael Haswell (705-349-1492) and that you use a vehicle the is appropriate for loading on the barge and traveling on the paths properly.


BIWA Cottage Watch

This year we are working with Mike Cunnington to offer a more formalized cottage watch program for our cottagers. Please click on the link below to see the application form. We want to offer property owners a service that is provided by Mike Cunnington, but with the administrative duties taken care of by BIWA. That means weekly cottage reports, with costs charged to your Bigwin account, and peace of mind knowing your cottage is being watched over in the winter months. 

Mike is also planning to offer a winter services package, through the Port Cunnington Marina, which will include parking and snowmobile transportation to and from Bigwin for those wishing to access their cottages in the winter months.  If you think you may be interested, it would be helpful if you could let me know as soon as possible.

Hydro Update

Hydro One has been on the island for the last 2 weeks completing forestry work for the island. This is routine maintenance for the hydro lines and service has not been interrupted. If you have any questions please contact Bruce Flowers at Ph 1 705 645 8894, cell 1 705 646 8237 email


We love getting constructive feedback from our members! Please click the link below to let us hear from you.  

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