Equity Golf Membership

Equity Golf Membership

A Few Of The Reasons To Join Bigwin Now!

1. Smart Planning:

Equity Membership provides 1/260th ownership of the Club. As a member you will now be able to assign the membership to your family and the cottage, and you will have the opportunity to pass down the membership through generations. The Generation Membership also allows you to sell your membership with your cottage to a third party, making your property a more valuable commodity on Lake of Bays.

2. Risk Of Being Left Out:

There are only 260 Memberships available with 2,000 cottages on the Lake. Once the memberships are sold, the new generation program will make it next to impossible for non-island property owners to become members due to the low turnover rate of memberships and priorities provided to new island property purchasers.

3. Family Legacy:

The Generation Membership is unique to Bigwin and encompasses the family cottage to allow for the transfer of the Membership to immediate family members without a transfer fee, which over the lifetime of the membership is a significant value. The Generation Membership allows you great flexibility in the use of the Club. The Club provides unrestricted membership categories for, the Principal Member, Spouse, Junior Associates and Intermediates. What is unique about the Bigwin Membership is it is truly family oriented.

4. Expanded Member Privileges:

This program now offers you the ability to designate up to 3 family members as Immediate Members, where you can allow immediate family members (that utilize the family cottage and do not own property on Lake of Bays) to play as a Member, (in restricted times). What a great way to share your Bigwin and cottage experience with your mother, father, brother, and sister, etc.

5. Utilizing Your Cottage:

In the event you wish to rent, lease or lend your cottage for the summer to a non family member. The user of the cottage would have the ability to designate a principle member (subject to Club approval) for the season.

6. Completing The Vision:

Bigwin Island Golf Club has produced an exclusive membership experience, with privileges that are unlike any private club in the world. With the Bigwin memberships now tied to your family legacy and the cottage property, it is clear that the vision of exclusive, easy access to the tee at true family club has been fully achieved.

For any golf membership inquires please contact Doug Wilson at dwilson@bigwinislandgc.com

Island Real Estate & Membership

Island Real Estate & Membership

Build your dream cottage on Lake of Bays.

Bigwin Island is a 520 acre private island located on Lake of Bays in the heart of Muskoka. An 18 championship golf course occupies approximately 200 acres of the interior lands.

There are approximately 80 acres of common lands that create the interior connecting paths and service corridors, as well as create generous buffers between the Golf Course and the residences. 

The Developer is Eagle Landing Company. The Company is solely owned by longtime vacation resident Jack Wadsworth, who is Honorary Chairman of Morgan Stanley and Advisory Director for Morgan Stanley globally. Company is managed by local Muskoka businessman David Smith.

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Dining Membership

Dining Membership

Make Bigwin Island Golf Club your social and dining centre this season.
  • Personalized advance reservations by phone or computer
  • Access to the Clubhouse dining and beverage facilities during the exclusive months of July and August
  • Club signing privileges for Member and immediate family Members
  • Access to Club social activities; specialty dining events (showcasing our culinary talents & diversity in cooking); bridge club; & yoga (note: fees apply to participants)
  • Receive Club gate pass to enter parking lot and utilize daytime parking
  • Same day Ferry Service to and from the island for use of Club food and beverage facilities
  • Use of Clubhouse docking facilities for daytime docking when dining at the Club
  • Receive Club e-mails & newsletter
  • One unaccompanied foursome of golf in Member Tee Times with payment of unaccompanied guest fee, upon availability

For any dining membership inquiries please contact administration@bigwinislandgc.com

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