Clubhouse Dress Code

As you have arrived to cottage country our dress code at the Club reflects a more relaxed appearance for the Clubhouse and dining outlets. Named "Smart Casual" - it focuses on comfort first with a flair for style. In spirit of the dress code our new signature collection of Bigwin clothing and outerwear apparel provides comfort and a relaxed image for enjoying your time on Lake of Bays.

For those dining in the evening, we recommend you layer your attire and coat racks are available off of the main bar to store your warm items for the boat ride home. Denim is permitted in the clubhouse and dining outlets along with casual sport, tennis, jogging and golf attire. Footwear / shoes are required at all times.

The only attire restricted from our dining outlets is bathing suit attire and/or cover-up or wraparounds. In the spirit of "Smart" no apparel should be torn, tired or have inappropriate slogans or images that others may find offensive.

Caps or visors are not to be worn backwards. Gentlemen are asked to remove their hats when seated in the clubhouse.

Golf Course Dress Code