Posted: 8/18/2017 7:42:24 AM

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Property Owners Meeting

We will be having a meeting of the property owners on Saturday, September 2nd at 9:00 AM in the Indian Head Room.  The purpose is to review the summer and provide updates regarding the property owner's association (BIWA).  We encourage anyone that has items they would like to see specifically addressed or discuss to send them to in advance of the meeting to  

Rick Lloyd Services

BIWA is happy to remind our members that Rick Lloyd is available to provide Property Manager or Handy Man services for those odd jobs you need taken care of at your cottage.

Contact Rick with any questions you might have!

Rick can be reached at  

We love getting constructive feedback from our members! Please click the link below to let us hear from you.  

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Posted: 8/3/2017 7:41:47 AM

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Mail Delivery on Bigwin Island

We are seeing an increase in the amount of mail and parcels that are being delivered to Bigwin Island residents. The pro shop is not equipped to be able to process and store all of these packages so we will have two new protocols for mail being implemented.

  • Bigwin will provide our BIWA members with a mail delivery service, your mail will be picked up from the post office and delivered right to your cottage by a staff member. The annual fee for this service will be $50.00
  • For anyone who does not recive a large amount of mail to their cottage, any mail or parcles that you do have delveired to Bigwin Island will be kept at the Gatehouse at Norway point for you to pick up when you are available. 

Visit Port Cunnington Marina

If you haven't heard yet the Moose FM 105.5 Huntsville will be doing a live broadcast this Saturday, August 5,2017 from 11 AM-3 PM at the Port Cunnington Marina. Stop in to fill up the boat, get some ice cream and enter into a grand prize draw for a chance to win some great prizes from Simply Cottage, Hudson's Bay, Kawartha Dairy, and Bigwin Island Golf Club. 
We are also there to celebrate the generous donation of a portable defibrillator from SML Contracting and Eagle Landing Company that will be permanently located at the marina and available for the community! 


Pets on the Island 

Please make sure that when you are walking your pet on the ring road they are on a leash at all times. This is for the safety of your pet and respect to your neighbours. If you do not have a dog fence for your property please reach out to Keyaira for information on having one installed. 


Fire Rating 

Even though the fire rating is currently set to LOW for our area caution must be taken with all open flames. Small fires are permitted on the island keeping in mind that NO DAYTIME BURNINGis allowed. You must have adequate tools and water to extinguish the fire if the need arises and you must be with your fire at all times. ​ ​

Garbage on the Runway 

We are running into an issue on the runway/dumpster area with garbage not being put directly into a bin. Leaving garbage outside of a bin is strictly prohibited, it causes a mess and attracts unwanted animals. 
If you do have large items that need to be picked up please contact Keyaira McQueen to have it picked up. Alternatively if there is not room in the dumpsters on the runway please leave your garbage in your green cottage bins until the next pick up day. We do have an orange dispoal bin on the runway for any items that are non-perishable and will not attract animals. Please also remeber to always break down any cardboard boxes, both when you are leaving them in your green bins at the cottage and when you are using the recycling bins on the runway. 


We love getting constructive feedback from our members! Please click the link below to let us hear from you.  

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