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Shuttle End Date

The last day that the shuttle will be running from the Norway Point side is Sunday December 4th. Please make Jim Baumken aware of any travel plans you have for the weekend, so we can plan accordingly. 

Contact Jim Baumken at 705-783-1659

After December 4th, you can make arrangements with Mike Cunnington to take you over to the island from the Port Cunnington Marina. Round Trip Shuttle Service to the Island (weather permitting) will cost $40.00. 

To make arrangements please call Mike directly at 705-783-5073

Winter will be Arriving Soon! 

As Bigwin becomes more and more populated during the winter season, we want to send out a few reminders to make it a safe and happy place for everyone during the snowy months. 

  • We would like people to refrain from using any golf course turf for sliding or skiing.  At this time of year packing snow on the surface creates a dense icy layer that does not allow the grass to breathe.  This will show up as dead or severely damaged grass

  • As inviting as the 6th and 18th tees appear please respect the golf club and its membership and refrain from use of these areas during the winter period

  • The ring road and airstrip are fair game for winter fun.  Be aware of any other vehicles that may be using these areas

  • Please use extreme caution before venturing on to the ice when it forms.  It is always a good idea to check with local experts, such as marina or fish hut operators about the ice conditions. Always be safe and don't put yourself at risk.

  • Please make any winter guests you may entertain aware of these precautions.

Snowmobile Policies

We would like to clarify the rules and regulations regarding the use of the common paths and trails on the island during the winter months.

While the use of snowmobiles is not permitted under your property license agreement, we recognize that responsible use of snowmobiles by our owners to access their properties is reasonable seasonal use. We simply ask that you send us an email to with the make and model of your snowmobile and the license #, along with proof of insurance; we appreciate your cooperation with this. 

It is important to be aware that these are multi use trails and motorized vehicles must always yield to pedestrians. We also ask that posted speed limits be obeyed and that the trail permit rules outlined by the OFSC and Provincial Legislation be observed. Remember these trails are for the exclusive use of Bigwin Island Association Owners and we appreciate any assistance in reporting trespassers or people that drive off the trails.

NEW BIWA Website 

We are happy to introduce to our BIWA members a new full service section of the website dedicated just to them. This new Waterfront Association page includes:

  • News & Bulletins
  • Community Maps
  • Important Documents
  • BIWA Forums
  • Emergency Information
  • Contacts for Trades and Service Providers

We encourage everyone to check out the website and use the new forum section to keep in touch during this off season. Your log in information is the same username and password you use for the main Bigwin site. Please let Keyaira McQueen know if you have any trouble logging in, questions about the site, or suggestions to make it better! 

BIWA Cottage Watch

This year we are working with Mike Cunnington to offer a more formalized cottage watch program for our cottagers. Please click on the link below to see the application form. We want to offer property owners a service that is provided by Mike Cunnington, but with the administrative duties taken care of by BIWA. That means weekly cottage reports, with costs charged to your Bigwin account, and peace of mind knowing your cottage is being watched over in the winter months. 

Mike is also planning to offer a winter services package, through the Port Cunnington Marina, which will include parking and snowmobile transportation to and from Bigwin for those wishing to access their cottages in the winter months.  If you think you may be interested, it would be helpful if you could let me know as soon as possible.

Dark Sky By-Law


Please be aware that any bubbler lights or boat house lights being left on at your cottage must adhere to the Lake of Bays By-laws.

The light cannot be red in colour, strobe orflash, and must be pointed downwards.  The light must also have a shield to prevent the light from being projected to the horizon.

Below you will find some pictures of acceptable lights for the cottage to help illustrate the by-law. Also please click here for a more detailed description of the Dark Sky By-Law.

We appreciate everyone on Bigwin Island being good neighbours!

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the BIWA Coordinator Keyaira McQueen at 705-783-0367 or


Up Coming Board Meeting

On December 13th we are planning a meeting with the members of our BIWA Advisory Board.  The agenda for this meeting will include a review of the services, budgets, and rules & policies for the coming season.  We will also be addressing any of the other items that were identified at our property owner's meeting in September.  If you have any specific item that you would like to see tabled or discussed when we meet, please feel free to contact one of the Board Members or Dave Smith.

Doug Smith -
Jeff Axler -
Sue Riedlinger -
Dan Elliott -
Dave Smith -

Click on this link to see a more details about the Meeting Agenda.


We love getting constructive feedback from our members! Please click the link below to let us hear from you.  

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