Posted: 7/27/2017 11:45:57 AM

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911 Signs

An important reminder for all our property owners on the island that you must have a 911 address sign installed near or on your dock or boathouse that must be clearly visible from the water.  We can assist, if you do not have one or need advice on where to properly install it.

Dark Skies Bylaw

We want to remind everyone of the Dark Skies Bylaw with respect to outdoor lighting. Whether newly building your cottage or changing existing light fixtures, it is important that our entire Bigwin Community be aware of the by-law and refer to the guidelines when making lighting decisions. The image below provides a good visual to refer to when choosing outdoor lighting for your cottage. 

For further reference to the Lake of Bays Township Dark Skies Bylaws please click on the link below 


Construction Vehicles on the Ring Road

We are doing everything we can to minimize the construction traffic on the paths, and with the bunker project complete, there will be a significant reduction. We are continuing to have communications with the all the builders on the Island to try and minimize vehicular traffic and have deliveries escorted. We continue to appreciate everyone's patience and cooperation when it comes to construction.

Cart Parking Area at the Clubhouse

We are in the process of installing the fibre line to the Club House, which will require some trenching in the cart parking area, along the covered walkway over the next week or so. While doing this work, we will also try and correct some of the drainage issues in this area and will use this opportunity to grade the entire area. During this time, it would be appreciated, if you could limit any long term parking in this area.

New BIWA Website

We want to remind BIWA members that there is a portion of the Bigwin Island website dedicated just to them. On the website you can find important news updates, rules, BIWA bylaws, maps, and contact information. A new forum feature is also on the website, making it the go to place for our BIWA members to communicate.  Please log on and explore the website and let Keyaira know your feedback or anything else you would like to see on the website going forward.

If you don't know your log in please contact 
Keyaira at 


If you don't already subscribe please sign-up for the Lake of Bays Association Newsletter, it provides very useful information for all residents here on the Lake. Find a link to their most recent newsletter HERE

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Advisory Committee Recap

As many of you know the BIWA Advisory Committee met with the Club and Eagle Landing on July 12th to discuss the summer so far. Many important topics were brought up and we wanted to share with you the key action items that the committee has provided advice and direction on. 

Ring Road Maintenance 

Number one on the agenda was following up with an understanding of the beech tree clean up on the Ring Road, which was identified as one of the prime concerns.  This fall the plan is to continue to remove as many of the salvageable logs as possible, and then the plan will be to bring in an excavator mounted hydraulic mulcher that will deal with the remaining brush and branches that are with in a reasonable distance of the path edge. Please watch this video here for a visual.

The paths are continuing to be graded and repaired of washouts, which has been a challenge this season with all the heavy rains, but along with dealing with the tree clean up, the plan is to add some gravel in certain areas along the path as well.

We appreciate everyone's patience on dealing with the trees, which has caused some short term visual concerns, but has addressed the safety issues and set us on a course to seeing the areas naturally re-vegetated much quicker.

Cart Safety

It is important to all BIWA Members that safety be a number one priority for us on the island. This means that we need to make sure that everyone travelling on the Ring Road does so in a way that is safe for themselves and their neighbours. When operating a cart on the Ring Road, you are obligated to ensure your cart is insured and are reminded that you are liable and 100% responsible for anyone you allow to drive your cart. 
It has been brought to our attention as a serious concern by many of our BIWA members that more and more owners are allowing under-aged children to operate carts on the ring road. 

  • On the golf course, it is a very clear policy (that has been in place since day one) that you must be 16 years of age with a valid driver's licenseto drive a golf cart on golf course property.  BIWA`s view is that the rules for driving on the ring road WILL be the same as the golf  course.
  • While on a similar topic, we want to remind all owners that operating a golf cart or any motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a criminal offence, whether you are on private property or not. We encourage discretion and commonsense in this regard.

It is extremely important for all owners and users of the paths to understand that if there is ever an accident that warrants calling 911 or contacting emergency services, the police will be involved, which could result in consequences that will impact all of us.

As everyone knows, the paths are multi use and it is important to exercise care and caution when using them at all times.


Garbage Area

We are running into an issue on the runway/dumpster area with garbage not being put directly into a bin. Leaving garbage outside of a bin is strictly prohibited, it causes a mess and attracts unwanted animals. 
If you do have large items that need to be picked up please contact Keyaira McQueen to have it picked up. Alternatively if there is not room in the dumpsters on the runway please leave your garbage in your green cottage bins until the next pick up day. 

BIWA Cottage Watch 

We are working at developing a year round full time cottage watch program for Bigwin Island residents beginning this fall. It can come in a multi-tiered system so that each option fits the needs of a specific BIWA Member. We want to garner feedback from BIWA members now so that the program can be fully operational this fall.
We are proposing that the basic program be included in your annual dues, which could include things like generator checks, propane monitoring, bubbler monitoring, weekly property inspections, and property checks after each major storm. 
Please talk to your BIWA committee or Keyaira McQueen with regards to what you would like to see in a Cottage Watch program.

BIWA Committee Members 

We encourage all of our BIWA Members to get in touch with a committee member to provide us with feedback, questions, or concerns on any of the above issues. 

Doug Smith

Sue Riedlinger

Dr. Jeff Axler

Dan Elliott 

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