BIWA Update July 19

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BIWA Update July 19


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Garbage & Recycling Protocols

Just some reminders on proper garbage protocols for the island. Following these rules helps make the process run smoothly. Please remember to share the garbage protocols with any guests who may be staying at your cottage. 
Any mess created by having an overfilled bin or items left out of a bin will be cleaned up by the staff and charged to the appropriate cottage at the hourly labour rate.


  • Non-bagged items will not be taken away.
  • Bins should always be closed and bags should never be left outside the bin.
  • Recycling should be kept separate from garbage.
  • Cardboard can be placed in bins without being in a bag, as long as boxes are broken down and bundled


  • Only garbage inside your green cottage bin will be collected.
  • Please remember to not overfill your cottage bin or abuse the garbage collection program.
  • A cottage owner can bring their own bags to the garbage bins at the Island runway as long as bags are put in the correct bins and closed after use, also note that this area can be dangerous and you are at your own risk.

Dump Items

  • Construction waste, paint cans, appliances, mattresses, furniture, yard waste, large metal items, tires and barbecues warrant a phone call to Keyaira McQueen at
    705-783-0367 so she can arrange to have them be picked up.
  • Dump items will be picked up directly from your cottage, do not put these items at the end of your driveway.
  • These items will warrant a fee based on the special pick-up.

Driving on the Ring Road


Please remember to drive with extra caution on the Ring Road. This road is often used by people walking, jogging, and riding bikes. It is important to slow down when driving your golf cart and obey all speed limit signs (20 KM/H). Be aware of any blind spots and travel slowly on steep hills. Makes travelling safe for everyone!


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