Posted: 6/29/2017 7:40:11 AM

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Welcome to the Summer !


BIWA will supply the main dishes on the BBQ

Join us for a fun afternoon of lawn games, good food, and catch up with all your BIWA neighbours!


Cart Parking Procedures

As the season gears up we want to implement some practices to keep our cart parking area organized.

  • BIWA Members may only have ONE cart parked in the parking lot at any given time
  • Please back your cart in when parking it in the upper parking lot, this makes it easier for our staff to see your license plates and correctly identify your cart
  • If you plan on leaving your cart for longer than 5 days, please give the Pro Shop (705-635-2582) a call and have us shuttle you down to the dock and keep your cart at the cottage

Outdoor Burning Regulations 

Fire Danger Rating

Keep an eye out for the Fire Danger Rating located on designated signs while you are coming to the island. Currently it is set at LOW but you can call 1-877-847-1577 to get the Fire Danger Rating for our area. Also no daytime burning is permitted. 

Reminder About Construction on the Island 

There is still quite a bit of construction activity going on related to the bunker renovation, so we would just like to remind owners to make sure guests and kids are aware to be extra cautious when using the paths.  We have let the contractor know that the population of the island (especially with kids) will grow significantly now that summer is here and it is good for everyone to be alert.


Pets on the Island

With summer in full swing we know that your furry friends love the cottage just as much as you do. Please be aware of the following pet policies here at Bigwin.

  • Your pet must be on a leash at all times when they are not on your property.
  • Cottages with pets need to have an invisible fence installed in order to ensure your pet stays on your property.
  • Please be respectful to all of your neighbours and prevent your dog from excessive barking.

Fireworks on Bigwin Island 

With the approaching Canada Day, as tempting as it may be to light off some fireworks on your own property, it is something that we strongly discourage due to the topography and landscape of the island. We are pleased to advise that if you wish to take in some fireworks this weekend, our neighbours on the Island at the MCC#1 condos will be doing a small show over the water that can be viewed from the comfort of the Clubhouse promenade at dusk. 


If you wish to take in a larger show, there is also one taking place in Baysville at the Dam.

Visit Port Cunnington Marina

Come out and enjoy the new offerings at Port Cunnington Marina! We have merchandise from Hudson's Bay Company, Simply Cottage, Muskoka Roastery, and Bigwin Island. 

Don't forget to fuel up your boat and grab a Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream Cone, or if you are looking for a grocery delivery to stock up the cottage contact the marina, they can be delivered right to your fridge. All purchases at Port Cunnington Marina can also be charged right to your Bigwin account. Visit for full details!

Email or call 705-635-2758

Anyone on the island looking to get a visit from the Septic Truck please let me know by July 4th. Email or call 705-783-0367 

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Posted: 6/23/2017 10:36:33 AM

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Activities and Service Providers 

We are excited to show you all of the activities and service providers being offered for our Members in July and August. Please scroll down to see the complete list and click on each image for full details. 

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Welcome Rick Lloyd

BIWA is happy to welcome Rick Lloyd to our team. He will be available to all of our BIWA Members to provide Property Manager or Handy Man services for those odd jobs you need taken care of at your cottage.

He comes to us with over ten years of experience working in the cottage and resort maintenance industry along with five years of equipment maintenance work in Alberta and Manitoba.

Any questions about rates and scheduling please

Rick can be reached at  


Save The Date!

Bottle Shed Reminders

Thank you to everyone who has been utilizing our BIWA Bottle Shed for recycling, this program started last year and we want to keep making it successful. I just wanted to pass along a couple things to keep in mind when dropping items off.

  • ALL bottles must be dropped off in boxes, neatly organized to make removal from the island easier.
  • Only cans can be dropped off in clear recycling bags, all other items (wine bottles, spirit bottles, beer bottles) need to be in boxes
  • If you see the shed is full please alert Keyaira. If the shed is too full to drop off bottles kindly return them to your cottage or deposit them into the BIWA recycling bin next to the shed. Please do not over fill the shed. 
  • Thank you for your participation lets keep Bigwin clean together!

Emergency Contact Information 2017

The Emergency Contact information has been updated for 2017. Please print off the PDF and keep it in a visible spot in your cottage. 

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SS Bigwin Gala

We wish to extend the invitation to our BIWA Members to be part of the annual SS Bigwin Gala hosted on July 8th at Bigwin Island. The organizers have indicated that they will reserve a table for our BIWA property owners if there is an interest in putting a group together! Each table seats 10 people, and we would love if we can get 10 BIWA members to participate in this fun night where proceeds go to local charities on Lake of Bays. 

For more details or to RSVP please email

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