Posted: 3/21/2017 2:40:08 PM

Use Extreme Caution on the Ice

Please be aware that with the arrival of warmer temperatures the ice conditions on both sides of the island have become unpredictable and unsafe. We recommend holding off any travel to the island unless you are absolutely sure conditions are safe. 

Please contact Mike Cunnington or Kevin Schultz for crossing information. 

Mike Cunnington - 705-783-5073

Kevin Schultz - 705-788-6500


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Posted: 1/23/2017 2:38:32 PM

Winter is Slowly Arriving! 

Winter cannot make up it's mind to come or go this season, but we know we are likely to experience an artic blast soon.  When winter does finally arrive, we have a few reminders to protect the golf course and keep you safe during the snowy months. 

  • We would like everyone to refrain from using any golf course turf for sliding or skiing.  At this time of year packing snow on the surface creates a dense icy layer that does not allow the grass to breathe.  This will show up as dead or severely damaged grass

  • As inviting as the 6th and 18th tees appear please respect the golf club and its membership and refrain from use of these areas during the winter period

  • The ring road and airstrip are fair game for winter fun.  Be aware of any other vehicles that may be using these areas

  • Please use extreme caution before venturing on to the ice when it forms.  It is always a good idea to check with local experts, such as marina or fish hut operators about the ice conditions. Always be safe and don't put yourself at risk.

  • Please make any winter guests you may entertain aware of these precautions.

Ice Conditions 

Staff have been periodically going across to the island to check on the ice conditions and do a general inspection of the property.  As of January 18th there was approximately 8 inches of ice on the north side of the island, but the weather this week is not going to be favorable for ice conditions as we are expecting above 0 temperatures all week and at night. 

We are not recommending crossing right now, but if and when you do decide to travel to the island always be sure to thoroughly investigate the ice conditions. 

There is also the option of making arrangements with Mike Cunnington to take you over to the island from the Port Cunnington Marina. Round Trip Shuttle Service to the Island (weather permitting) will cost $40.00. 

To make arrangements please call Mike directly at 705-783-5073

Snowmobile Policies

We would like to clarify the rules and regulations regarding the use of the common paths and trails on the island during the winter months.

While the use of snowmobiles is not permitted under your property license agreement, we recognize that responsible use of snowmobiles by our owners to access their properties is reasonable seasonal use. We simply ask that you send us an email to with the make and model of your snowmobile and the license #, along with proof of insurance; we appreciate your cooperation with this. 

It is important to be aware that these are multi use trails and motorized vehicles must always yield to pedestrians. We also ask that posted speed limits be obeyed and that the trail permit rules outlined by the OFSC and Provincial Legislation be observed. Remember these trails are for the exclusive use of Bigwin Island Association Owners and we appreciate any assistance in reporting trespassers or people that drive off the trails.

Barging in the Spring 


We are planning for a busy barging season this spring!  If your builder or service providers are planning any barging this season, please let Michael Haswell know as soon as you can.

He would be pleased to meet and discuss your needs for the season.

Michael can be reached at: or



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