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Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

We are pleased to see our Owners, Members and Guests arriving back to Bigwin after the long winter.  We are looking forward to the first Holiday Weekend of the Season and are excited about the Summer of 2018!

Your BIWA Advisory Board will be meeting this weekend to review rules, budgets, services and other items that need to be updated for the coming season.  The plan is to provide a detailed communication from BWIA by the end of this month, with the information you need to know.

As you know, Spring arrived several weeks late, and it is important to realize that May 7th was the first day we were able to boat or barge over to the island.  While a great deal has been accomplished by our staff and trades in a very short period of time, there is still a great deal of work and cleanup to be done.  In fact half load restrictions will not be removed from the local roads until May please be patient!

Below are a few reminders to help make things run as smoothly as possible for you and our staff..

Current Fire Rating

Please be aware that the fire rating is set to extreme right now for Muskoka. That means we are in a firework ban and no daytime burning is allowed. Please click here for more information

Garbage & Recycling Protocols


  • Garbage/ Recycling collection is every Tuesday morning from Mid-May to November.
  • Only garbage inside your green cottage bin will be collected.
  • Please remember to not overfill your cottage bin or abuse the garbage collection program.
  • A cottage owner can bring their own bags to the garbage bins at the Island runway as long as bags are put in the correct bins and closed after use, also note that this area can be dangerous and you are at your own risk.

Dump Items

  • Construction waste, paint cans, appliances, mattresses, furniture, yard waste, large metal items, tires and barbecues require a phone call to Keyaira at 705-783-0367 so pickup arrangements can be made.
  • Dump items will be picked up directly from your cottage, do not put these items at the end of your driveway.
  • A minimum fee of $60 will apply.


  • A bag should weigh no more than 40lbs.
  • Non-bagged items will not be taken away.
  • Bins should always be closed and bags should never be left outside the bin.
  • Recycling should be kept separate from garbage.
  • Recycling should be separated into two bags, one containing fibers (ie. paper, cardboard, etc.) and the other containing metal, plastic and glass (ie. pop cans, bottles, etc.).
  • Recycling must be put into clear bags to distinguish what is inside
  • Cardboard can be placed in bins without being in a bag, as long as boxes are broken down and bundled
  • Any mess created by having an overfilled bin or an open bin will be cleaned up by the staff and charged to the appropriate cottage at the hourly labour rate.
  • A fee of $5 will apply for bags that are not tied tightly, ripped or overfilled. 

Bigwin Island Bottle Drop Off Program


We are pleased to be continuing with the initiative for our recycling program. Bigwin has a designated spot to drop off all of your empty beer bottles, cans, spirit bottles, and wine bottles. We want to make it easier for everyone on the island to recycle responsibly as well as stop the hassle of having to cart your empties off the island on your own. 

Empties may also be left in your garbage bins to be collected by our staff during regular garbage pickup. 


Here are a couple of tips to make this process run smoothly for everyone:

  • Beer Bottles - should be sorted by colour and placed back into their original packaging
  • Wine or Spirit Bottles - should be sorted by colour and placed into a box or clear blue recycling bag
  • Aluminum Cans - should be sorted separately from all other containers and placed in their original packaging or a clear blue recycling bag
  • Plastic Bottles & Tetra Packs - should be sorted separately from all other items and placed into a clear blue recycling bag

Cottage Care Services

With the recent and  unexpected departure of Rick Lloyd from BIWA we are pleased to announce that we have made an arrangement with  Sue Bell at Simply Clean Muskoka to offer assistance with odd job around the cottage this season. Her team works independently and we have been pleased with the level of service she provides.

Sue can be reached at
705-783-2439 or

Spring Cart Service


Tom Williams will be on the island again this season to handle all of your cart maintenance needs as well as overseeing all cart rentals.  If you have any questions or know of anything that needs to be done with your cart please contact: Tom at 705-783-9669 or


Cottage Deliveries

Delivery of furniture, appliances, and larger household items must be arranged with the Club in advance and take place during business hours, Monday through Friday 9am‐3pm in Summer Season and Mon‐Fri 8am‐4pm in the Shoulder season.  These deliveries will be made to the island via the barge or the bullnose, with the applicable fees being charged to the member’s account.
All other deliveries such as mail and small packages will be delivered directly to a members cottage at an annual fee of $50.00.
When having items mailed to the club please use the address below.

Your Name and Lot Number
1137-2 Old Highway 117
Baysville, ON, P0B 1A0


We love getting constructive feedback from our members! Please click the link below to let us hear from you.  

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Shuttle Hours

We are happy to announce that the shuttle is now up and running! The hours are listed below. Any arrangements outside of regular shuttle hours must be made through: Mike Haswell or
Jim Baumken

May 8th - May 16th Hours

  • Mon - Thurs 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Fri 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Sat /Sun 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Golf Season Hours

  • Mon - Wed 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Thurs - Sun 5:00 AM to Midnight
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Barging Season 2018

The barge will be starting operation on Tuesday May 8th at 7:30 AM

There are currently half load restrictions in effect, please also be mindful of the island pathways as some areas and edges are soft. Damage to the pathways is the responsibility of the user.

Please contact Michael Haswell on the Barge at 705-349-1492 by voice or text or email at  at least 24 hours in advance to secure you spot on the barge and avoid disappointment or long waits.


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Spring Cleaning

The Window Guys will be on the Island from
May 14th – May 18th and May 22nd - May 25th . Please let me know what date within that timeline would suit you for booking your spring window cleaning. The cleaners will either need to be given access to your cottage (if you would like inside and outside done) or if you would only like the outsides done you can let me know. Also please let me know if you would like all out buildings included (bunkies, sheds, garages) with the window cleaning.
Email Keyaira to book your window cleaning service. 


Lake of Bays Landscaping Spring Clean Up

2018 Grounds Maintenance Services - $300.00
Spring Clean up Service Includes:

  • Leaf blow grounds, roof and gutters (where safety permits), all parking, decks, arrival, sitting areas, pathways and docks
  • Trim any broken tree limbs impeding path ways (as required)
  • Clean up any down branches and debris
  • Correct any small wash outs using shovels and rakes  (Correcting large wash outs and grading billed as an extra)
  • Identify and report any damaged trees that pose safety hazard (Corrective pruning and tree removals billed as an extra)
  • Secure floating docks (as required)
  • Create a list of recommendations with pricing

Bi-Weekly or Monthly Service

  • Can include but not limited to, general tidy up with leaf blower , garden maintenance, grass cutting, pressure washing
  • Hourly rates may apply depending on scope of work

To book this service for the spring call Dan Macevic at Lake of Bays Landscaping 705-205-1781 or

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BIWA Updates

We are finally getting some springtime temperatures this week and can sense that the arrival of the Cottage and Golf Season will be here soon!

We do not have a set date for the shuttle boat services to resume yet, but we send out updates as soon was the ice is out, and we have confirmation that it is safe for boating to begin for the season.  2018 Shuttle Boat Hours:

Golf Season Hours

  • Mon - Wed 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Thurs - Sun 5:00 AM to Midnight

Off-Season Hours

  • Mon - Thurs 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Fri 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Sat /Sun 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Any arrangements during the off-season, outside of regular shuttle hours must be made through:
Mike Haswell or
Jim Baumken

We are pleased to report the addition of Jim Garner and Kim Hendrick to our Committee this year.  Jim and Kim will be replacing Doug Smith, and will be joining Sue Riedlinger, Jeff Axler, Dan Elliot and Dave Smith, along with Greg Gutowski, as the Manager of the Islands Shared Facilities.  Doug Smith has been a committed member of our BIWA group, since it's formal inception in 2008, and we know everyone shares our appreciation for his dedication and guidance on BIWA. 

The Committee is is in the process of  preparing the 2018 BIWA Handbook,  which will be distributed to all the property owners at the start of each season. along with including an updated map and general directory information, the Handbook will include a summary of all the general rules and guidelines that we expect all BIWA Members and Guests to be aware of, and abide by.

One of the other important roles of the Committee will be to work with the Club on developing and refining the services for the season, which will include the development of the annual budget and setting the rates / fees for the coming season. 

During the winter months Mike Haswell and Brent Williamson were dedicated to executing the 1st years of our new BIWA Cottage Watch Program, which we believe was successful. The goal of providing regular weekly checks allowed us to monitor all of the properties and quickly report any issues that may have arisen. 

We were pleased with the results of this service and look forward to in continuing to include it to our Owner in the off season as part of the BIWA Annual Dues.  We would appreciate any feedback you may as we continue to fine tune this service.

Tom Williams will be back as our Cart Fleet Manager this year, and he is excited to offer you his expertise when it comes to maintaining your golf carts. Tom will also be in charge of cart rentals for this year, so all rental bookings can be arranged through him.  Additional information regarding new or used cart purchasing, along with updates on the Club's new fleet managment system will be provided shortly.
For Spring Cart Service please contact Tom directly: or 705-783-9669

Rick Lloyd will be with us again this year to help our BIWA members with any cottage care services or property needs that they may. Rick is available to perform such tasks as the ones listed below, his hourly rate is $40.

  • Property Clean Up and Maintenance
  • Painting and Small Misc. Jobs
  • Arrange Contracted Services, such as Septic Tank Pump Out

Rick's services can be arranged by contacting him at: or 705-790-1874

As reported last fall, we are still working at cleaning up the fallen trees that are in close proximity to the ring road.  While it has not gone as quickly has we would have hoped, we believe the most practical method of clean up is to continue to remove and salvage as many of the logs as possible for fire wood and to cut and pack the remaining brush on the forest floor, so it can naturally decompose.  For any of you weekend warriors that like to do some of your own property cleanup, we did purchase a portable, gas powered, hydraulic log splitter for use of our BIWA owners.

When you arrive at Norway Point this season, you will notice that some extensive dredging work was completed that will allow for the construction of addition docking on the main pier in the future.  We were fortunate to be able to get this work completed, as it will also allow the creation of a dedicated service dock of the Club and BIWA deliveries, and is intended to also allow for the creation of as separate dock for the MCC#1 Condos to use.


We are pleased to report that we have partnered with Interactive North to install a unique fiber backed wireless technology to be able to offer a true network solution that can provide practical video streaming speeds, at reasonable rates. The fiber network we now have at Bigwin provides us with scalability and bandwidth capacities for future growth, and to provide a wireless network and internet service required to meet our growing needs. for more information, contact:


The Marina will once again be your destination for gas, Kawartha Dairy ice cream, and other great services, which can be charged to your Bigwin Account. We are also pleased to report that new docks have been added this season, along with a washroom in the main marina building. Go to the Marina Website for Hours of Operation and other information.

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